5 Frame Nuc Hive with Italian Queen - Modesto, CA


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*Please read "terms & conditions" prior to placing your order. Nucs cannot be shipped.

** Supplies are limited!

A great way to start a new healthy hive is with a starter nuc. Nucleus hives, or “nucs,” are small 5 frame colonies made from existing A & Bee Provisions colonies in the Spring. Our nucs will have a minimum of 3 frames with brood in all stages of development, from egg to hatching bees, and 2 more frames with honey and pollen (bee food) to sustain the colony while it grows. Nucs take the guesswork out of starting a hive.

  • Nucs build up more quickly than package bees because there is hatching brood
  • Each nuc will consist of 5 frames including: Honey, Pollen, Brood, Italian Queen Bee
  • Nucs will be packaged in a waxed cardboard box. Commercial grade assembled deep nuc boxes made of quality pine are available for an additional $30. 
  • Expert guidance via online access to our beekeepers 


1) Ordering: Please order your bees as a stand-alone order, without any other merchandise. Nucs are available on a limited basis so order early!

2) Payment: Full payment is due when your order is placed.

3) Shipping: We are unable to ship nucs.

4) Pickup Dates & Locations: These will be available for pickup in Napa and Modesto, CA in late April, 2020. You will receive an email with more details about the event and the time it begins.

5) Cancellations: Nuc orders cancelled before April 1st will be refunded the purchase price minus a $40 fee per package or nuc. If cancelling after April 1st, then no refund will be made.

6) Returns & Refunds: There are no returns or refunds once the customer accepts the bee nuc. The customer also understands and acknowledges that nucs are perishable. A & Bee Provisions will not be responsible or liable for loss of bees or nucs due to overheating once they are received by the customer. It is the responsibility and duty of the customer to ensure that nucs are kept cool and out of direct sun until they are installed in hives.

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